The Gallery received new logo! It was invented and designed by an author of this year’s mural – Małgorzata Rozenau.

“Through painting in the Gallery I will pray for freedom, truth and love...” – says Marta Sokołowska-Mróz. Other painters are: Aneta Paszek, Magdalena Firląg, Karolina Kucharska, Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Małgosia Rozenau and participants of workshops conducted by Dariusz Paczkowski from Klamra Foundation, the art director of the Tibetan Gallery!

Between the murals run the PATH – the winning work of laureates of the previous year’s contest for the art installation. “The inspiration for this project are the rocky hills of the Tibetan Plateau – the roof of the world, the rocky road in Himalayas leading to base camp on the foothills of Mount Everest. The symbolism of the path has universal meaning in both European and Asian cultures, and it can be comprehended on many levels. Assumedly it connects people from different countries, and as a path to freedom is a common experience of Poles and Tibetans” – said the authors of the work, Mai BuiNgoc and Paulina Lis.

The vernissage was opened by Iwona TM [Teodorczuk-Możdżyńska]. “Ugruntowanie” (“Grounding”) is a performance about eradication in the context of loosing own culture. Tibetans lost their own land. Performer in a dramatic way, through symbolic acting expresses this lack of space. She carries a bowl with a piece of soil, the lost land, which later serves to prepare mandala.

Jacek Kleyff and friends – Jacek Mazurkiewicz, Słoma performed during the vernissage.

Mini-album with works from last two years as well as map in Polish and Englis was published.

The Gallery was described on The Extraordinary Outdoor Gallery Where Poland Meets Tibet

Dariusz Paczkowski about the Gallery:

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