Lhasa – aerial picture of the Tibet’s capital, and St. George fighting the beast were two out of seven new murals created in the Gallery. What became a tradition, one of the works is a result of two-day workshops conducted by Dariusz Paczkowski. In 2014 works in the Gallery were created by: Rafał Roskowiński, Emil Goś, Autone, Made in Pain, True Boy, Vera King, Maja Tybel, Dariusz Paczkowski and participants of graffiti workshops.


PERFORM Artistic Foundation opened the season ending vernissage with site-specific dance performance, prepared specially for the Gallery’s architecture and murals’ themes. Other performers were: Tibetan people, Lee Monday (a band from Żywiec), Maciej Magura Góralski and Paweł Płóciennik, terenNowy collective and Jacek Kleyff.

Traditionally took place open workshops for people interested with street art. Dariusz Paczkowski together with seven participants painted a mural depicting faces of Tibetans living in Warsaw.

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