Murals in 2012 are painted by: Jerzy “Impas” Rojkowski, Agata Bogacka, Magdalena Małczyńska-Umeda, Vera King, Aqualoopa, Ludzik, Czarli Bajka, Konrad Iwanowski KOLEKTYF, Rebel Art and Dariusz Paczkowski. One of the murals is painted by Tibetan monks from Drepung Monastery in India, together with Tibetans living in Warsaw and guests who visited vernissage organized during the Tibetan Day of Democracy on 2 September. Tibetan youth from the Community Gymnasium at Raszyńska presented dances and songs of Tibet.

In 2012 was published a photo album with photographs not only from the Tibetan Gallery, but also with pictures presenting street art concerned with Tibetan issues in Poland, and in the world. The pictures were together with commentaries describing situation in Tibet and actions undertaken for Tibet in Poland. In the album were also included poems of contemporary Tibetan poets. The publication was sent to i.e. organizations working for Tibet in India, London and New York, also to representatives of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

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