Tibetan monks, young Tibetans and Chechens, together with other citizens of Warsaw participated in graffiti workshops realized in cooperation with the Other Space Foundation.

On July 6, when Dalai Lama celebrated his 76th birthday, new works showed up in the Gallery. This event started Warsaw Tibet Days. Thanks to financial support of the Municipal City of Warsaw we engaged experienced graffiti artists. Dariusz Paczkowski became the art director and curator of the Gallery.


There were created 10 new large format works prepared by experienced artists – graffiti painters from all around Poland: Inwazja, Artur Wabik, Mors, NeSpoon, 3fala.art.pl, Małgosia Rozenau, Paweł Kochanowski, Tuse, Kamer, Czarli Bajka, Zuza Kosiorowska, participants of the Multicultural Street Art initiative.
The result of the workshops for youth that took place that year was this mural. Tibetan monks from DrepungGomang Buddhist Monastery in India participated in painting.

The vernissage in September had rich programme: performance of Tibetans living in Warsaw; Tibetan fairy tale performed by Jarek Mikołajczyk; Dariusz Paczkowski told about engaged street art; screening of a film about actions for Tibet. During the event, participants could imprint Tibetan patterns on shirts or bags. Thanks to support of workshops’ participants we created a mini-guide to street art in Wola “Jak chodzić powoli.” It is a proposition of a walk; a trail of the most interesting graffiti of Wola presenting the Tibetan Gallery in a special way.

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