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The Tibetan Gallery located in Wola District was founded in 2009, when the Warsaw City Council established the ”Tibet Roundabout.” At the time were created first graffiti works prepared by professional artists as well as citizens of Warsaw participating in workshops. Since that time the Tibetan Gallery has been constantly developing, presenting new works, and ending every season with a vernissage including music concerts and film shows. Thanks to that, from year to year this place is becoming more recognizable in Warsaw as well as in Poland. And we hope that because of this website it would become noticeable also in the world.

The Gallery received new logo! It was invented and designed by an author of this year’s mural – Małgorzata Rozenau.

“Through painting in the Gallery I will pray for freedom, truth and love...” – says Marta Sokołowska-Mróz. Other painters are: Aneta Paszek, Magdalena Firląg, Karolina Kucharska, Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Małgosia Rozenau and participants of workshops conducted by Dariusz Paczkowski from Klamra Foundation, the art director of the Tibetan Gallery!

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Lhasa – aerial picture of the Tibet’s capital, and St. George fighting the beast were two out of seven new murals created in the Gallery. What became a tradition, one of the works is a result of two-day workshops conducted by Dariusz Paczkowski. In 2014 works in the Gallery were created by: Rafał Roskowiński, Emil Goś, Autone, Made in Pain, True Boy, Vera King, Maja Tybel, Dariusz Paczkowski and participants of graffiti workshops.

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The Gallery “boomed.” New works were created, one of them during graffiti workshops.

The painters were Weronika Kasprzyk, Artur Wabik, Paulina Lichwicka, Mariusz Libel, GoldenGoat Studio and Dariusz Paczkowski, together with workshops’ participants that took place in the beginning of July. During the vernissage played Jacek Kleyff and Jacek Szymkiewicz. Tibetan community performed traditional dances and songs.

In September the Gallery was visited by His Holiness Dalai Lama’s representative. In October, during his visit in Poland due to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, His Holiness Dalai Lama personally passed through the Tibet Roundabout.

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Murals in 2012 are painted by: Jerzy “Impas” Rojkowski, Agata Bogacka, Magdalena Małczyńska-Umeda, Vera King, Aqualoopa, Ludzik, Czarli Bajka, Konrad Iwanowski KOLEKTYF, Rebel Art and Dariusz Paczkowski. One of the murals is painted by Tibetan monks from Drepung Monastery in India, together with Tibetans living in Warsaw and guests who visited vernissage organized during the Tibetan Day of Democracy on 2 September. Tibetan youth from the Community Gymnasium at Raszyńska presented dances and songs of Tibet.

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Tibetan monks, young Tibetans and Chechens, together with other citizens of Warsaw participated in graffiti workshops realized in cooperation with the Other Space Foundation.

On July 6, when Dalai Lama celebrated his 76th birthday, new works showed up in the Gallery. This event started Warsaw Tibet Days. Thanks to financial support of the Municipal City of Warsaw we engaged experienced graffiti artists. Dariusz Paczkowski became the art director and curator of the Gallery.

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In July we were painting within “Global Rights, Europeans Acting Together – GREAT” project. The created works were a part of graffiti tour around the entire country.

In November, the President of Warsaw in company of municipal authorities’ representatives, Municipal Roads Authority (ZDM), social activists, Tibetan Community, presented the memorial plaque dedicated to heroes of Tibetan rising in 1959. His Holiness Dalai Lama says in his special massage for the opening of the Roundabout: ”I deeply appreciate these expressions of solidarity and support of the people and authorities of Warsaw. Establishment of Tibetan Roundabout is another bond between the city of Warsaw and the nation of Tibet.”

The Tibetan Programme of the Other Space Foundation was established in 2007. The Other Space Foundation played a major role as an organization in coordination of national actions for Tibet concerning i.e. Olympic games in 2008, and the answer to mass protests of Tibetan people. The Foundation also initiated creation of murals in the Tibetan Gallery as well as took active part in the process of establishing the Free Tibet Roundabout (“Rondo Wolnego Tybetu”).

2008 - 2009

Year 2008 is considered groundbreaking for Tibet and Tibetan people. While the eyes of the world were turned to the controversial Olympic games held in Beijing, Tibet occupied by Chinese forces experienced a wave of sudden but mostly peaceful demonstrations.

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